Facility Rental

Use fees for the North rooms/conference room and kitchen (all): NO AFTER HOURS USE

  • $50 for first four hours, $10 for each hour thereafter.
  • $90 for a full day Monday – Friday (9 AM to 5 PM)
  • $90 for full day Saturday (9 AM to 3 PM).

Use fees for Conference Room only:

  • $5 for each hour

The city Council reserves the right to modify the fee at any time.

Security/cleaning deposit:  A one-time fee of $100 will be paid as security for any damage done to the building and for the cost of cleanup following the event. The entire amount of the $100 security/cleaning deposit is refundable depending upon whether or not there has been damage to the building, including tables and chairs, and whether the building, including tables and chairs, is left in a clean condition following the event.

Responsibilities of User:  It will be the responsibility of the user of the different rooms in the Hubbell trading Post to set up the facility including tables and chairs, and to take down the tables and chairs and other exhibits or structure set up within the building. All tables and chairs must be taken down following the event and stored as indicated by the Chamber of Commerce manager. The user must also ensure that the entire building which is being used is properly cleaned and at the tables and chairs are properly cleaned following the event this requirement does not include the public restrooms. NOTE: no tape, tacks, nails, glue or any similar item may be used on the ceiling or walls.

Click here to download the Use Agreement.