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The city of 10,000 friendly faces

Winslow today is timeless… very much in touch with it’s past, in tune with the present, and right on target for it’s future. Due to its location and the influence of the railroad industry, Winslow is a combination of cultures…European, Native American, Hispanic, Asian, Black, and Anglo American… all blended together to share a strong sense of community pride in this place we call home.

The casual lifestyle in Winslow is peaceful and relaxed…set in an overall atmosphere of warmth and hospitality…greeting visitors with open arms as guests of our city. We like to say that we’re “The City of Ten Thousand Friendly Faces.”



CityThe City of Winslow, Arizona
Official website of the City of Winslow, Arizona
CountyNavajo County
Official website of Navajo County. Navajo County was formed on March 21, 1895, as the final act of the Territorial Assembly before it adjourned at midnight. Navajo County’s principal industries are tourism, coal mining, manufacturing, timber production and ranching.
StateState of Arizona
Arizona’s official web portal main page. Separate pages are available for residents, employees, visitors, and businesses.


CollegeNorthland Pioneer College
NPC is a regionally-accredited, publicly-supported, comprehensive community college serving Navajo County, Arizona. The College offers over 4,000 courses college-wide during fall or spring semester and approximately 1,000 courses during summer sessions, as well as Internet courses throughout the year
K-12 SchoolsWinslow Unified School District
Information on Winslow’s public schools, grades K-12.
Pre-schoolWinslow Head Start (NACOG)
Since 1965, Winslow Head Start has provided pre-school services to children & support services for the entire family. Our program is free for those eligible.