Local and Area Attractions

Hubbell Building / Chamber of Commerce Visitor’s Center

Once the premier Trading Post Company of the American southwest territories and now Winslow’s Chamber of Commerce/Visitor Center, this location is a historic destination unto itself. Come to our Visitor Center…You’ll find historic displays, great architecture, racks of information about Winslow, the region and indeed the State of Arizona.  We have a wealth of information and a terrific staff ready to assist you in your travels.


McHood Park & Clear Creek

Enjoy a wide range of outdoor activities at Clear Creek Reservoir. Activities that include swimming, fishing, hiking and picnicking. With a canoe, (rentals available) one can follow the creek along Clear Creek Canyon, a magnificent deep rock waterway. This place is one of Northern Arizona’s best-kept secrets that has been enjoyed by locals for over one hundred years. Its existence and beauty are becoming more known and popular for sure. If you’re looking for an amazing place to stop, relax and cool down, this is the spot.

The “Standin’ on the Corner” Park

It’s a rare person who has not heard the famous line from the Eagles first hit single, Take It Easy. The song has the lyric “standin’ on a corner in Winslow Arizona, such a fine site to see, it’s a girl my lord in a flatbed Ford, slowin’ down to take a look at me.”! Many are the visitors who come from far and wide to stand and take advantage of the photo opportunity, on the most famous “corner” of Historic Route 66. The park features a life-sized bronze of a guitar carrying balladeer and a trompe l’oeill style mural that depicts the girl in a flatbed Ford. It’s “kitsch” in a good way and for sure, not to be missed! More >

La Posada Hotel

Undisputedly a world renowned American treasure, this special place is considered to be the last of the great trackside hotels. At the time, it was the finest hotel constructed by the Santa Fe Railroad to be a Fred Harvey House. Built in 1929, this legendary oasis is the masterpiece of Mary Jane Colter, chief architect for the Fred Harvey Company and one of America’s most important female designers. A recent restoration has brought the hotel back to its former comfort and grandeur. Enjoyed by people from around the world, whether you stay overnight or not, this beautiful and relaxing resort most definitely a place not be missed.   More >

Old Trails Museum/Winslow Historical Society

Located in the heart of Winslow’s historic district, the Old Trails Museum is an outstanding source of discovery for Winslow’s unique and interesting history. It houses numerous exhibits and collections such as ancient Native American artifacts, Santa Fe Railroad equipment that includes tools of the industry and Fred Harvey memorabilia, original western art, Wild West territory, Route 66, Meteor Crater and much more! You’ll find a knowledgeable staff eager to share our rich history with you. More> 

Homolovi State Park

Located 3 miles northeast of downtown Winslow this park will give you insight into the cultural perspective and history of the Hopi Tribe. Tour the ancient ruins of pueblos that were built by the ancestors of the Hopi people from between approximately 1260 – 1400 AD. Marvel at the colorful pottery and shards on display and ponder the meanings of ancient petroglyphs. Park facilities include a Visitor Center/Museum, various hiking trails, and RV- camping facilities. More >

9-11 Memorial Garden

Who can forget 9/11? Stop by Winslow’s Remembrance Garden. This memorial is dedicated to the tragic events of that September day in 2001 and Northern Arizona’s promise that “we will never forget”. Our Remembrance Garden is located on the corner of East 3rd Street and Transcon Lane. (from I-40, exit 255). There you will find, as the centerpiece of the garden, the touching display of actual wreckage from the World Trade Center. The 14 and 15-foot beams were entrusted to the citizens of Winslow by the City of New York. They are the largest pieces given to any community in the nation.

As the centralized vacation spot of Northern Arizona, Winslow serves as the perfect home base for numerous day trips, as well as some great local attractions including the Grand Canyon, Petrified Forest, and Homolovi Ruins State Park, all of which are just a short drive away.

For more information about the different locations, either visit the provided links, call the phone number provided, or call the Winslow Chamber of Commerce at (928) 289-2434.


Canyon de Chelly National Monument

At the base of sheer red cliffs and in canyon wall caves are ruins of Indian villages built between AD 350 and 1300. Canyon de Chelly National Monument offers visitors the chance to learn about Southwestern Indian history from the earliest basketmakers to the Navajo Indians who live and farm there today. Jeep tours are available from Thunderbird Lodge ((928) 674-5841). Visitor activities include auto tours, hiking, pictograph viewing and interpretive exhibits and talks. The canyon is 150 miles from Winslow, exit 333 off I-40, north on State Route-191 up to Chinle. The Visitor Center is 3 miles from SR-191 in Chinle.   More >


Grand Falls

Known to many as “Chocolate Falls” because of its muddy color, this massive waterfall is higher than Niagara Falls, with a vertical relief of 185 feet. The best time to see the falls is after snow melting in early spring and after a summer thunderstorm. The falls are located 48 miles northwest of Winslow. From Winslow, take I-40 west to Exit 245. Take SR-99 north to Leupp, then SR-15 west to the sign reading, “Grand Falls Bible Church”. Turn right on this road, which is very rough. The road will end at the Little Colorado River. A short, ¼ mile trail will lead to the overlook. Picnic tables and grills are available. This area is on the Navajo Reservation, so stay on the main roads and respect private property. No admission charge. Handicap access is extremely limited. Use of a high clearance or four-wheel drive vehicle is recommended.


Hopi Cultural Center

The Hopi Museum, operated by the Hopi Cultural Center, is located on Second Mesa, within the Hopi Cultural Center Motel and Restaurant complex. The museum is dedicated to the maintenance and preservation of Hopi traditions and is open Monday – Saturday 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. year round. The center is located 75 miles north of Winslow, at the junction of State Routes 87 and 264. Call (928) 734-6650 for more information.   More >


Jacks Canyon(Sport Rock Climbing)

Features over 200 steep limestone climbing routes concentrated in a section of the canyon called Moenkopi. Located on national forest land in an isolated section of Northern Arizona, Moenkopi offers steep, spectacular climbing on immaculate stone. All routes are well-protected. A five-minute approach will take you to an abundance of top quality routes from 5.5 to 5.13. With free camping and incredible year-round climbing only 30 minutes from I-40, Jacks Canyon is a destination crag! From I-40 take Winslow exit 253 (North Park Dr.) and travel south approximately one mile to Second St. (one way east) and turn east (left). Drive several blocks to the traffic light, turn right (south) onto Highway 87. Continue south on Highway 87 approximately 30 miles to mile marker 313.7 and turn right, through gate (always close gate).


Little Painted Desert

View an exotic combination of colors and natural rock formations and be sure to take your camera! This is the perfect setting for a sunset picnic dinner! Hiking trails and picnic tables are available. Take I-40 east from Winslow to Exit 257, north on Highway 87, 15 miles on the left.  More >


Meteor Crater

Meteor Crater is the best-preserved impact site on earth, with topographical terrain that closely resembles the surface of the moon. In fact, NASA designated the crater as the training site for all U.S. Astronauts. Camping is available. From Winslow, take I-40 west 20 miles to exit 233. Call (928) 289-2362 for more information, or (928) 289-4002 for the RV Park.  More >


Mogollon Rim

Rising abruptly above the valley floor is the majestic rim of the Mogollon Plateau. The precipitous two hundred mile escarpment of the Mogollon Rim is the result of a geologic faulting from southeast to northwest across Arizona. From Winslow, take Highway 87 south for 58 miles to Forest Service Road 300 and turn left. Follow this gravel road to Highway 99 and turn left again to return to Winslow. Along the way, you will pass through a forest alive with deer, elk, wild turkey and other wildlife. Forest Service Road 300 follows 150 breathtaking miles. This drive also takes you within reach of several mountain lakes. Recreational activities include camping, hunting, fishing, hiking, and picnicking. Elevation exceeds 7,000 feet over much of this area. Contact: Sitgreaves National Forest, Chevelon Ranger District, HC 62 Box 600, Winslow, AZ 86047, (928) 289-2471 or Coconino National Forest Service, 2323 Greenlaw Lane, Flagstaff, AZ 86004, (928) 527-7400. More >


Painted Desert

This desert earned its name from its magnificent purple, red and gray segments forming eerie moonscape mounds. Ancient Indian petroglyphs on Newspaper Rock are a “must see”. Also important are the restored Agate House and the Pueblo ruins in Puerco. The Visitor Center has a 17-minute film on how wood is petrified. The Petrified Forest and Painted Desert are located 50 miles east of Winslow on I-40. Admission is $10 per vehicle. National Park Passes are available: Lifetime passes for persons over the age of 62 are $10; under 62 passes are $50 annually. Passes are good at all National Parks. Handicap Accessible.


Petrified Forest National Park

Within the area of the Painted Desert lie colorful and strangely eroded lands that provide the backdrop for a geologic wonder trees that have turned to stone and fossilized bones of 200 million-year-old animals. Indian ruins and petroglyphs are abundant. Facilities include a picnic area, museum, gasoline, curios, and restaurant. Information on self-guided auto tours, hiking trails, and wilderness backpacking permits are available at the Visitor Center. Federal law prohibits collection or removal of any natural objects. Violators can be fined, imprisoned, or both.  More >


Rock Art Ranch

Rock Art Ranch offers a variety of experiences for the most avid adventurer or the most casual tourist. The ranch, situated in a remote area between Holbrook and Winslow, Arizona, off Interstate 40, is home to one of the finest stands of Anasazi petroglyphs in the Southwest. Rock Art Ranch is a working cattle ranch. Visitors will be treated to sweeping vistas of the San Francisco Peaks, the volcanic buttes of the Navajo Reservation, the pinks and vermillions of the Painted Desert, and an occasional Santa Fe train in the distance. Rock Art Ranch is approximately 13 miles from Winslow. Rock Art Ranch is open from May 1st to Nov. 1st. Small group tours will be only on Saturday afternoon @ 1:00 p.m. Large group tours will be any weekday. Prices depend on the number of patrons and activities desired. Closed Sundays. Call for reservations. (928) 288-3260 for more information. Reservations must be made in advance


Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument

Sunset Crater became part of the National Park system in 1930. The prominent features are a 1,000-foot volcanic cone and its subsidiary formations. A 1-mile self-guided loop trail at the base of the volcano allows visitors to examine the volcanic features. The Visitor Center, two miles from the southern entrance to the loop road off U.S. 89, has a brief film, exhibits, and a seismograph station. Located 80 miles west of Winslow, take I-40 to Flagstaff, go north on SR-89 to the loop road which leads to both Sunset Crater and Wupatki National Monument.  More >


Walnut Canyon National Monument

Dwellings on the cliff faces, sheltered in caves, were home to Walnut Canyon’s inhabitants more than 800 years ago. Inside the canyon and throughout the pine forests on its rims, these people made their living by farming, hunting, gathering plants and trading. They built more than 300 small cliff rooms in recesses of the canyon walls, the ruins of which still stand, protected against the elements. A Visitor Center, hiking trails and picnic area are located within the monument. The main trail involves a climb of 185 feet on a stairway. Walnut Canyon is located 50 miles west of Winslow off I-40. Handicap Accessible. Call (928) 526-3367 for more information.  More >


Wupatki National Monument

The prehistoric Sinaguan and Anasazi dwellings at Wupatki were long abandoned when Captain Sitgreaves arrived in 1851. Wupatki was then established as a National Monument in 1924. It features a short trail alongside the Wupatki Pueblo, which passes within touching range of what was once a multistory residential complex, as well as a nearby amphitheater and ballcourt. A short self-guided walking tour of the main Wupatki Pueblo, the largest ruin within monument boundaries, begins behind the visitor center. Other ruins within the monument are also accessible by trails. Located 80 miles west of Winslow, take Rt. 40 to Flagstaff, go north on Rt. 89 to the loop road which leads to both Sunset Crater and Wupatki National Monument.  More >