Winslow Chamber of Commerce Membership Application

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Yearly Fee Schedule

Please choose the membership level that best applies to your business.


Owner & one employee $60
Owner & 2-5 employees $115
Owner & 6-9 employees $165
Owner & 10-20 employees $225
Owner & over 20 employees $435

Non-Profit Organizations:  $60
Individual Memberships*: $40

All memberships are subject to a one-time set-up fee of $30 paid in addition to your first-year membership dues.

*Individual members do not receive all the benefits as Business members.  For example, individual members annot promote any business or its functions through the Chamber of Commerce of Visitor Center.  If they own or are associated with a business or organization, their employees may not attend Chamber functions under their membership.

If multiple businesses are owned, the largest business pays the normal fee.  Additional businesses are charged 1/2 of the normal fee.