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Other 548 Barrigan Rd. Winslow AZ 86047 Home Phone: (928) 289-3232 Website: Visit Website

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While striving to build healthy relationships between people and animals, it shall be the mission of Winslow Animal Control to serve the residents of Winslow in a timely, sociable, and competent manner when enforcing and animal ordinance.

Information about the Shelter

The Winslow Animal Care Facility is located at548 Barrigan Winslow. The phone number to the shelter is (928) 289-3232, if there is an emergency please dial (928) 289-2431 for the Winslow Police Department. We have kennels available for both dogs and cats. We currently have 22 cat kennels  which can house 1 adult cat or 2 kittens per kennel at any given time. Our dog kennels come in two different sizes. We have 4 large kennels that can house 3 big dogs each and 18 smaller kennels that can house 2 smaller dogs or 1 large dog each.  Our hours of operation are Monday through Friday Noon-6pm. If we are not at the shelter we are out on a call.  Adoptions, Viewing and Pet Drop-offs are done during these hours.  Any further questions or for the fee schedule please call the shelter

Link to petfinder

To look at the animals we have available please click on the “Our Adoptable Pet List”.

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