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Winslow Cancer Support group, started 5yrs ago, to help women that are going thru Brest Cancer, for moral support and campionship, since then the group has added a 5K/10K walk for the cure, which takes place every 2nd Saturday of October. The money collected from that is used to help women and men that are going thru any type of cancer, the group has opened it to all types of cancer. We helpout with gas and food cards for under going treatment. We work closely with Brest Cancer navigators & Drs. at the Flagstaff Medical oncology if any one going thru cancer needs and questions answered, we can help , if we don’t have the answers, oncology will give us the answers.  You can call Petra@ 928-587-0057, Bert @ 928-300-0796 or Liz @ 928-289-8337.

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